3710 S. Discovery Road
Port Townsend, WA 98368



Jeffrey Betinol (owner) is a Filipino Canadian who grew up in Calgary. He is a professional photographer (see his website HERE!). Jeff is passionate about his favorite sports - rugby and hockey and a huge fan of the Seattle Seahawks. When Jeff is not taking pictures you will see him on the mower and enjoying his vast to do list of other projects at Chevy.

Jennifer Dickey (owner) was born and raised in the Seattle area. She fell in love (like many) with Chevy the first time she visited and is excited to now call Chevy her home. Jenn is a total animal lover, is super crafty, enjoys gardening, and loves making beautiful flower arrangements for the cabins and for special events. While Jenn plays a big role in the operations of Chevy, her favorite hats to wear is that of event planner. In February 2020, Jenn made a big change and after seven years of commuting a few days a week (back and forth to Seattle) decided to focus full time on Chevy. She enjoyed her fifteen years at UW in her roles as CFO for the Department of Medicine and as a Director on the UW Finance Transformation Program but is very excited to for this next chapter.

Curious how Chevy Chase came in to our lives? Read our story HERE.



Camille Ulrich helps keep the cabins in tip top shape and helps to tackle the massive piles of laundry. Camille grew up in Port Hadlock and is a Chimacum Graduate. When Camille is not working at Chevy Chase, she is a full-time mom to her son Elijah and daughter Emily. They enjoy swimming, walking on the beach and going on other fun adventures.

Scout was the official greeter, ambassador and beach tour-guide. She would wiggle, smile and howl for many guests, absolutely LOVED children, and tolerated all of the other dogs who show up at her house. She loved to join our guests for a trip to the beach, play tetherball, frisbee and fetch with any willing playmates. Sadly, our sweet Scout crossed the rainbow bridge in July 2019. In addition to being a part of our little family, she was a fixture and adopted family member of our guests. She will be greatly missed and we know that her spirit will live on forever at Chevy.
On October 14, 2013, we bid a heartbreaking farewell to our 15 year old black lab, Tana Dickey. Tana was the sweetest soul with an amazing and resiliant spirit who had been battling cancer for the last 2 1/2 years. She was such a fighter and was a total inspiration as she enjoyed life every day. Tana brought us so much joy, it is hard to imagine our lives without her. She was a beautiful, loyal, loving, curious, smart and gentle girl and we feel very lucky that she chose us as her people.


In December of 2012 we bid a heartfelt farewell to Barbara Bailey, Thatcher Bailey and Phil Kovacevich (the previous owners of Chevy Chase) and took over the stewardship of this amazing property. Chevy had been in the Bailey family since 1946, and we could not be more honored to take over the legacy of such a magical and historical place.


The way that Chevy Chase Beach Cabins came in to our lives is truly one of those magical “stars aligning” stories. In March of 2012 we were totally focused on new adventures and enjoying every moment with our beloved dog Tana who was battling cancer. Jenn had a dear friend, Kate, who loved staying at “these cute cabins in Port Townsend” and saw a social media special that prompted Jenn’s first visit to Chevy Chase. The fact that the cabins were dog friendly was the most important thing to Jenn, but when she arrived at Cabin #4 and took in the sweeping views and peaceful surroundings she was in awe – not to mention that sweet Tana was so excited to be at the beach. In love with the property, Jenn immediately made reservations to bring Jeff back to Cabin #4 just a month later. We couldn’t get enough! We were quickly becoming regulars and brought Jenn’s parents back for a week at Mother’s Day. Sitting on the deck of the Clubhouse and soaking in the view one afternoon, Jenn said, “Wouldn’t it be great if this was our life? If this is what we did and this is where we lived?” Everyone laughed. In line with Jenn’s outlook on life she responded, “Hey, let me DREAM BIG – let me just put it out in the Universe…”

Little did we know that the Bailey family, the owners since 1947, were scheming about how they were going to find the perfect people to take over the stewardship of the property. Would they be able to find someone who could honor the history and the soul of the place? They sent a heartfelt letter to 120 friends, family members and long-time beloved Chevy Chase guests in hopes that someone who already felt connected to the property would leap at the chance to be the next owners. That same dear friend that had first introduced Jenn to Cabin #4 in March caught a glimpse of the letter (via a friend) and she passed it on to us. We were shocked, elated, ecstatic, overwhelmed…we had asked and the universe had answered – fast! We were living in Seattle. We had great jobs that we loved. Could we really turn it all upside down and make this huge life change? We had fallen in love with the place. From the moment we had first set foot on the property it had felt like home – and now the stars were aligning and we had the opportunity to make it our home. We jumped in with both feet and have never looked back. In a whirlwind of real estate excitement, we became the owners of Chevy Chase Beach Cabins in December 2012, just 9 short months after Jenn’s first visit. And an added bonus (and the best thing about Chevy) was that the Baileys also asked us to keep their dog, Scout. Scout was (until she crossed the rainbow bridge im July 2019) the resident greeter and tour guide and Chevy was all she had ever known.

The last seven years have been a true labor of love, but we couldn’t be happier. We really do pinch ourselves every day, in awe that we get to call this magical perch on Discovery Bay our home and that we get to share it with so many wonderful people. We often get asked what the biggest surprise of this journey has been, and we have to say that it is the strong connections that we have made with guests over the years. We have had guests celebrating and mourning every phase of life: birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, death, recovery from cancer, a new baby’s first vacation, an old pet’s last getaway…we get this rare and incredible opportunity to participate in people’s lives in an intimate and real way when we host them. For that, we are forever grateful. We look forward to a lifetime of adding to the story of this special place.






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